Cheese Of The Month Club: Penn Mac’s Finest

Achievement: #41. Cheese of the Month Club

Our Cheese of the Month adventure continues with a package of the most popular cheeses offered at Pennsylvania Macaroni Company. Come dig in with us as we seek out top pairings and flavor profiles. Continue reading

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Jelly Of The Month Club: Rhubarb Jam

Achievement: #42. Jelly of the Month Club

We start the year with round one of 2015’s Jelly Of The Month Club. We’ll be trying out a dozen jellies throughout the year; first up is a rhubarb jam from Penn’s Corner. How’d this farm fresh jam turn out? Have a read and see! Continue reading

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A Tour Of The National Aviary

Achievement: #2. Aviary

Did you know that Pittsburgh is home to the National Aviary? It is, and it is an awesome place to visit. Come take a brief tour with us of some of the animals you can meet! Continue reading


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The Famous Fish Fracas: How Nied’s Met Our Needs

Achievement: #13. Famous Fish Sandwich Tour

This year we’re on the hunt for the best damn fried fish sandwich that Pittsburgh has to offer. We begin at Nied’s Hotel. Does their Famous Fish Sandwich deserve the title? Read on to find out! Continue reading

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Showdown on Route 22: Dick’s v. Dean’s

Achievement: #7. Dick's v Dean's Diner-Off

On Route 22, you will find two diners about 25 minutes apart. Both looked promising, but who would emerge the victor between them? Come see our side-by-side comparison of two lovely greasy spoons: Dick’s and Dean’s! Continue reading

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The Baller Meatball Ball-Off: Franktuary

Achievement: #22. Meatball Ball-Off

We begin our hunt for the ideal set of meatballs in an unexpected place: Franktuary, a spot better known for their wieners than their balls. How’d they hang? Turn your head and have a look! Continue reading

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In Which Michael (Literally) Sings The Praises of The Hoss’s Salad Bar

Achievement: #9. Michael Goes to Hoss's

Fox loves Hoss’s; Michael’s never been. But last night, all was made right in the world. How much did Michael enjoy the Hoss’s Salad Bar? Check out the interview (and the song break). Continue reading


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Charcuterie Face-Off, Round 1: Vallozzi’s Pittsburgh

Achievement: #21. Charcuterie Face-Off

We begin another foodie challenge with our 2015 Charcuterie Face-Off. Judging on measures of presentation, flavor, accompaniments, variety, and personality, we’re on the hunt for the best charcuterie plates in town. First up: Vallozzi’s Pittsburgh! Continue reading

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Pittsburgh Restaurant Week: The Wooden Nickel Is Golden

Achievement: #26. Winter Restaurant Week

If you’re looking for something to enjoy outside the city limits during Pittsburgh Restaurant Week, you’d do well to try out the Wooden Nickel. Come take a look at what’s on the menu! Continue reading

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Pittsburgh Restaurant Week: #BloggerDinner At @KaleidoscopePgh

Achievement: #26. Winter Restaurant Week

Looking to start off Pittsburgh Restaurant Week with a bang? Look no further than Kaleidoscope Cafe in Lawrenceville. It’s one of our favorite places in the city, and after you check out the amazing meal we enjoyed, you’ll understand why! Continue reading


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