Just A Short Run

Achievement: #24. JASR

After a winter of outdoor training, Fox takes on her very first half-marathon. How’d she do? Find out here! Continue reading


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A Locally Sourced Italian Dinner With Donatelli’s

Achievement: #61. Prepare Meals Sourced from 5 Local Ethnic Stores

Throughout the year, we’ll be doing more local shopping at various ethnic stores, and then making meals from what we gather. First up, we’re starting in the comfort zone with Italian cooking. We shopped at Donatelli’s in Bloomfield; check out what we made! Continue reading

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Jelly Of The Month Club: Wholey’s Boysenberry Jam

Achievement: #42. Jelly of the Month Club

This March, we attempted to rebound from two straight letdowns for Jelly of the Month. Our rebound prospect? Wholey’s Boysenberry Jam. Did this jam turn the young year around, or will it, too, fall flat? Continue reading

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Cheese Of The Month Club: Trying Our Luck With Some Irish

Achievement: #41. Cheese of the Month Club

For the (belated) March installment of Cheese of the Month Club, we sampled some Irish cheeses. Come have a look; maybe you’ll discover a new favorite! Continue reading

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A Random Train Trip To NYC

Achievement: #45. Mini Train Vacation Getaway

Last year, we had a train trip that Lemony Snicket couldn’t have topped. The result was a sizable credit from Amtrak, which we finally got to use to take a train trip to New York City, to see Hedwig and the Angry Inch. Check out the results! Continue reading

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Charcuterie Face-Off, Exhibition Round: Paris 66 Bistro

Achievement: #21. Charcuterie Face-Off | #40. Wildcard #2 - The Great Pittsburgh Blog Swap
Paris 66 Bistro Thumbnail

For The Great Pittsburgh Blog Swap of 2015, we’re guesting over at Nicky D Cooks, and Erin from the blog, Don’t Forget to Eat! is filling in for us. Erin and her husband tackled one of our favorite achievements by checking out the charcuterie at Paris 66 Bistro. Take a look! Continue reading


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A Cocktail For Every Season: Back To The Earth

Achievement: #82. Invent One Cocktail Per Season

This year, we’re attempting to create one new cocktail for each season. First up is winter, and we’re coming at you with a beet-infused spin on the Blood and Sand that we call…Back to the Earth. Continue reading

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The Baller Meatball Ball-Off: Lombardozzi’s Restaurant

Achievement: #22. Meatball Ball-Off

In this third installment of the Baller Meatball Ball-Off, we return to the site of one of our very first Achievements, Lombardozzi’s Restaurant. We remembered well the succulent balls of Lombardozzi’s; but were they truly baller enough for this ball-off? Read on to find out. Continue reading

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Jelly Of The Month Club: Strawberry Basil Jam

Achievement: #42. Jelly of the Month Club

Round two of 2015’s Jelly Of The Month Club brings us an intriguing local product — Basil Strawberry Jam from Ruk’s. What was the result? Stop in and evaluate along with us. Continue reading


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In Which Michael Loses An Oscars Bet And Humiliates Himself Publicly

Achievement: #85. Oscars Bet

Every year, Fox and I bet each other who will predict the most winners at the Academy Awards. The stakes this year: win, or be forced to read terrible teen poetry aloud in public. Have a look at the ugly results. Continue reading


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