Cooking Light Challenge: Eggs In The Hole

Achievement: #7. Make 26 different recipes from Cooking Light

Well, recipe #4 is a bit of a cheat, as it comes from the pages of Martha Stewart Living instead of Cooking Light. However, we included it because it fit in with the general theme of new twists on healthy meals. This was a breakfast dish that didn’t quite turn out like the pictures in the magazine, although the taste was still top-notch.

Cooking Light
These are eggs in the hole, our first foray into breakfast dishes. We learned a little trick in the course of this one, which is that the eggs will have set long before they appear to have done so, so it’s important to actually poke at them a bit to check, and not just go by the look in order to avoid overcooking. Despite the toast being a little brown around the edges, these were a tasty breakfast treat!

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