Picnic Time At Hartwood Acres

Achievement: #5. Have a picnic in the summer

Being the ever-efficient people we are, we managed to combine two Achievements into one night. While we went to Hartwood Acres for a concert, we also packed a delicious picnic dinner to share!

Here is our delicious spread, with goat cheese and crackers (our appetizer), hard salami sandwiches (the entree), chips and dip, watermelon and grapes (the side dish), and mini Twix bars (dessert). We drank Cherry Coke out of plastic wine cups, since we had to drive home and couldn’t have the real thing 🙂

Oh, Michael teased me at first when I pulled out the plastic wine cups, but he was a believer by the end of the night!

Enjoying our ‘mutton button’ appetizer of goat cheese and crackers. I totally want to have picnics like every day now after this experience!

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