Murray Avenue Restaurant Challenge: Sammies At The Smallman St. Deli

Achievement: #2. Eat at every restaurant on Murray Ave

After a morning of writing away at the 61c, we decided to pop across the street to the Smallman Street Deli for lunch. Boy, were we upset with this decision. I mean… the lunch was great, don’t get me wrong… but have you seen their breakfast menu??

So, yeah, this will go on the list of ‘places we need to return to for new meals.’ 🙂

Smallman St. Deli
I got the chicken salad on the left there, which was so meaty and yummy that I had to share a few bites of chicken with Lucypup. Michael got a smoked turkey sandwich on pumpernickel bread. He loves pumpernickel bread. And those fries are so good and salty, just a step or two below Potato Patch! Yes, we will be back 🙂

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