A Year Of Moviegoing, Round One: Comedy, Horror, And All That’s Between

Achievement: #51. Continue attempting to watch John Cusack movies | #71. See 20 movies in the theater

Michael loves movies, and will sit through pretty much any movie that’s out (including things that only I could ever love, like Beverly Hills Chihuahua). This year, he wanted to ensure we would see a sizeable amount of movies, since we don’t quite get around to that as much as we used to.

When we lived in LA, there was really nothing to do besides go to the bar or see movies, and since the price of drinks was through the roof, we often opted for movies, and saw about a movie every week. Additionally, movies were a much bigger deal there, so it was neat to see things at midnight on their opening and such. Here, I am far more distracted by gallery crawls and good restaurants and sporting events!

That said, it has taken until September for us to see the first eight movies… which means we will be seeing a whole bunch of movies October through December!! Here is what we’ve got so far:

Our first movie of the year was Daybreakers, a different kind of vampire story, starring international hottie Ethan Hawke. We quite enjoyed this, despite it not being a ‘great’ movie.

Movie #2 was Hot Tub Time Machine, which was the funniest thing I’ve ever seen. I swear. This also counts for #51 (continue attempting to watch John Cusack movies), so what a great movie selection! And it was really hilarious. And I still have a monster crush on John Cusack, even when he’s in his forties (husband, be silent about your ‘my wife has a crush on all sorts of 40-something dudes’ theory!).

Movie #3 was the new Nightmare on Elm Street, which was horrible. Note to the industry: hire some decent screenwriters (::coughcoughmyhusbandcoughcough::) and stop trying to remake the great stuff we love!

Luckily, we followed up that disappointment with an awesome movie for #4, Date Night. This had us laughing like crazy. Great slapstick, hilarious performances by Tina Fey and Steve Carrel, and Mark Wahlberg topless for most of the movie! What more could you want?

We saw movie #5 in New York City, and my ticket stub accidentally made its way into the laundry. This was the hideously bad (but so fashionable) Sex and the City 2. Gosh, I love those girls, and I will sit through their senior citizen nursing home years, as long as they are dressed well, but that movie sucked. 🙁

Lucy ate the ticket stub for our sixth movie, which was Twilight Eclipse, mostly because we think she was embarrassed that her parents went to see a Twilight movie. At least we didn’t pay for the pre-Twilight buffet like all those moms and tweens did! We did, however, pay for these terrible Vladimir vodka drinks, which certainly enhanced our appreciation of the movies.

This is my ‘I can’t believe we are seeing Twilight‘ face. (I should comment here that I love the buzz around an exciting midnight movie premiere, whether or not the movie will be sh*t, but even moreso, I like to see Taylor Lautner shirtless. And he’s 18 now, so not only am I allowed to think he’s hot at last, it also helps to break my forty-something guys trend.)

Movie #7 was our trip to see Dinner for Schmucks at the drive-in, which has its own entry.

Which brings us to today, when we saw #8, Scott Pilgrim v. the World, which we loved to pieces. Funny, charming, and interesting (and it made a loooot of fun of hipsters, which we appreciated!), we highly recommend you see this!

So, those are our first eight movies! Twelve more to go in the coming months. Hope there are some good things out there, or we will be forced to watch something by the Coen brothers ::shudder::.

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