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Hi everyone, here’s a quick break from our regularly-scheduled programming to let you know that we received a blog award from the lovely and talented Shasie of Live Life in Style! She writes a fashion blog that is heartfelt, budget-friendly, and always super fun (if you follow us on Twitter, you have probably seen me lamenting the fact that I can’t fly her in from Texas to pick out my outfits every time we go on a trip). She always has the best tips on how to make what’s fashionable now fit into the every-day gal’s wardrobe, so you should definitely check her out!

Blogger Award

And now, on to the questions! (I am just learning about this world of blogger awards, so bear with me please! We get a series of questions to answer, and then we will pass the award on to some of our favorite blogs, and they will answer the questions as well. Kind of a neat way to get to know each other!)

First, seven random facts about us:
1) We met at the 61c Coffeeshop in Squirrel Hill.

2) We got married at the Andy Warhol Museum on Pittsburgh’s North Side.

3) We own a piece of the wall of the old Three Rivers Stadium.

4) Lucy is our first dog, but our first pet together was a beta fish named Kaspairitis.

5) Michael has eleven tattoos (which makes up for the fact that I have none!)

6) We have traveled between Pittsburgh and California by plane, train, car, and U-Haul.

7) When we were both 5 years old, our families (despite coming from different states) both vacationed in Myrtle Beach and stayed at the same resort, during the same week.

And now, we answer these questions!

1. Name your favorite song: mine is “Grey Street” by Dave Matthews Band, and (one of) Michael’s is “Beautiful Way” by Beck (he was taking too long to pick just one song, so this was the most concrete answer we could get :).

2. Name your favorite dessert: funnel cake!!

3. What is pissing you off? breed-specific legislation (also, when my husband reads my typos out loud… this is why I do not normally blog with him at my side grumble grumble 😉

4. What is your favorite pet? Lucy (this one is so easy, it feels like cheating!)

5. What is your biggest fear? anything bad happening to the ones we love (we are both very close with our families)

6. What is your best feature? I think Michael’s best feature is his collarbone tattoo, and he says my best feature is my laugh

7. What is your everyday attitude? eye on the prize! (I always say this on days when there is nothing fun planned, looking forward to the upcoming fun events.)

8. What is perfection? sunset or sunrise at Avila Beach

9. Guilty Pleasure: mine is definitely listening to Delilah at night, and Michael’s is watching bad horror movies.

10. What is your favorite color? we love purple.

11. When you’re upset, you: pour another glass of wine!  (Okay, okay, I loooove indulging my bad mood with my sad-song mix tapes, and Michael likes to take himself out to a movie when he’s bumming.  But a nice glass of some Central Coast zin never hurts 😉

Now, we pass this award on to these other fabulous bloggers whose pages we love to read!

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Check them out – they’ve got some great things to say! And thank you again to Shasie for sharing the love! 🙂


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  1. yay!! Aww, thanks so much for the kind words about my blog! You guys deserve it. I love reading your posts!! Great facts and answers, that was interesting!!!

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  2. LibrarianHousewife

    Wow, thank you! I will totally pass this on!

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