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Hi everyone – just a note that while there are plenty of 2011 blog entries left to come (I’m going to be busy these next two weeks playing catch-up lol), we are hard at work at our 2012 list. If you have any suggestions about cool events in Pittsburgh that you think we should check out, or anything silly and ridiculous you would like to see us do, please leave a note in the comments. We are around 65 for the next list of 101, so we have some planning to do before January 1st!

Check back this week for more exciting news and entries. 🙂


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  1. Linda Weissert

    Mixology Class! Awesome ones coming up. Check out thecocktailchefusa.com

  2. Did you finish everything for 2011?

  3. Linda – totally going to the one on May 12: Prohibition Cocktails! I am super excited. (Been rather obsessed with 1920s cocktails ever since I read 20s Girl by Sophie Kinsella last summer.) Thank you for the awesome suggestion!

  4. Ohhhh not by a long shot. I still have to do our summary (and finish the posts I haven't yet), but I think we got closer than we did last year, and definitely better than the first!

  5. Anne-Marie

    Mystery dinner theatre? (http://mysterysmostwanted.com/index.htm) We went to one for my friend's birthday in October and it was a fun night out.

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