The New Year

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Wow, can you believe 2012 is already here??? Since I’m like… 20 blog entries behind on 2011 (and yeah, there are some 2010 entries I never wrote, on top of that!), I definitely don’t believe it. But the new year is here, even if my head is spinning with its arrival.

And you know what a new year means… a new list! Our carefully-crafted 2012 list is ready to go, so you can see what we have in store by checking out the left sidebar of the page. As always, we’ll keep up the previous years’ lists so you can see our other adventures, and I will work dilligently on completing the posts for the events we completed in 2011 but didn’t blog about yet, and I’ll link to them from this post as they are added.

New for 2012, we’ve included 4 ‘Wildcards,’ which are Achievements to-be-determined as the year goes on. Since we try to spotlight Pittsburgh events as often as we can, we’ve found ourselves wishing we could add events mid-year when new things come up, and we’ve decided to leave spots open for four of these random things, as well as a few Yelp and Twitter events that we will find out about as the year goes on.

We’ve already marked off of our first Achievement of the year, #65) Pittsburgh First Night, where we rang in the new year for the 4th consecutive year. I’ll get those pictures edited and the entry posted by tomorrow.

For now, let me just say happy new year to all of our readers, and thank you for stopping by! Here’s to the best year yet!

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