Jelly Of The Month Club: Bonne Maman Wild Blueberry Preserves

Achievement: #8. Jelly of the Month Club

We’re already a week into March, and that means we’re super behind on the end-of-February posts. Sorry!! Things have been a little hectic the last few weeks, but life is settling down a bit for the next month (and then we’re off to California, which will be a *good* hectic).

In any case, we managed to sneak in February’s Jelly of the Month Club selection in the final two hours of the month, even though it’s taken me this week to actually post about it.

Jelly of the Month - February
I chose a jar of Bonne Maman Wild Blueberry Preserves, after it went on sale at Giant Eagle. I made the purchase based on the sale (it’s typically $5 a jar and was a dollar off), but also because I’d never heard of the brand and thought the little picnic blanket print on the lid was cute.

Jelly of the Month - February
I LOVE less-common jelly flavors like blueberry, so I was pumped! Look at that color and the big chunks of blueberry!!

Jelly of the Month - February
Unfortunately, the jelly was not thick enough for my liking. While the flavor was good, and it was a delightful jar design, it was a bit watery and just a notch or two too far on the sweet scale. Michael and I both agreed that it worked best with the peanut butter crackers, where the thickness of the peanut butter balanced it out.

Someone DEFINITELY loved the jelly though. She thought it was perfect!

Overall, I’ve been eating the Wild Blueberry Preserves on English muffins this past week, and the sweetness has grown on me, although I still think it could use a little less sugar and a little more thickening. I will probably also try it on a PBnJ sandwich before the bottle is kicked, and I imagine that will be pretty good. Here are the final stats for February’s Jelly of the Month Club Bonne Maman Wild Blueberry Preserves.

color: 4
flavor: 3
jelly-ness: 3
bottle presentation: 5
awesomeness: 3.4

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