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The Climb To The Top Of The Cathedral Of Learning

Achievement: #94. Climb the Cathedral Stairs

Back in the spring, we undertook a University of Pittsburgh tradition: climbing all 34 flights of stairs in its tallest building, the Cathedral of Learning! Have a look; maybe you’ll…learn something. Continue reading

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A Trek Down To Joshua Tree National Park

Achievement: #86. Joshua Tree Stargazing

While out on our yearly trip to the west coast, we took a detour south to visit Joshua Tree National Park for some stargazing and hiking. While we experienced some complications, we got to see some lovely sights as well. Check it out! Continue reading

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Friday Statudanceatopia: Nature Dancing

Achievement: #5. Inappropriate Dancing

We clear a bit more of the backlog with a slightly overdue inappropriate dancing post. To make up for it, we did *way* more inappropriate dancing than usual! Continue reading

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Cheese Of The Month Club: Spanish Cheeses (And Hellraiser Puns)

Achievement: #13. Cheese of the Month Club

We bring to you a fresh installment of Cheese of the Month Club, focused on Spanish cheeses. (And also, because we were watching the movie Hellraiser while eating them, a disturbing amount of Hellraiser wordplay.) Continue reading

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Jelly Of The Month Club: Fess Parker Apricot-Riesling-Vanilla Jam

Achievement: #12. Jelly of the Month Club

As we continue in catch-up mode, we present to you the belated April installment of Jelly of the Month Club, featuring a treat we hauled back (ok, mailed back to ourselves) from California. Continue reading

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Friday Statudanceatopia: Dance Party At Make Night

Achievement: #5. Inappropriate Dancing

On the final Friday of each month, you’ll either find Fox dancing inappropriately in public, or Michael posing like a statue. Earlier this month, we gathered some friends to stage a super-sized inappropriate dance moment at Make Night at the Children’s Museum. Continue reading

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CSA Spectacular: February 2017

Achievement: #11. Monthly CSA Posts

February’s batch of recipes highlight winter veggies, from beets and sweet potatoes to parsnips. Check it out! Continue reading


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Brunchstravaganza At Spirit Lodge

Achievement: #77. Brunch Triple Feature

If you only have time to make it to three brunches this year…the FIRST one should be the Pure Moods Health Brunch at Spirit Lodge in Lawrenceville! Take a look at the delights on offer. Continue reading

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Proper Cocktail Hump Day: Jack Rose

Achievement: #67. Craft Cocktail Lab

With Valentine’s Day around the corner, we thought we’d do a cocktail with a little romance to it: the classic Jack Rose. Enjoy! Continue reading

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New On The Scene: Ease Modern Comfort Cuisine

Achievement: #3. 3 New Restaurants

Because (as we’re sure you can tell) we’re models of restraint, we’ll only be writing up three newly opened Pittsburgh restaurants this year — but we’re going to make it count! First up: Ease Modern Comfort Cuisine, a mashup of haute cuisine meets down home cooking. Enjoy! Continue reading

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