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Friday Statudanceatopia: Daisy’s Dream

Achievement: #4. Posing with Statues

We return from a vacation-induced hiatus to bring you the (slightly late) March edition of Friday Statudanceatopia, in which I imitate a surprisingly graceful bovine playing sports. (No, literally.) Continue reading

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Friday Statudanceatopia: Lumpy Mr. Rogers

Achievement: #4. Posing with Statues

On the final Friday of each month, you’ll either find Fox dancing inappropriately in public, or Michael posing like a statue. This month, it’s Michael’s turn as he poses with everybody’s neighbor, Lumpy Mister Rogers. Continue reading

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Drive, Bike, Run Out To Vivo Kitchen In Sewickley

Achievement: #4. Suburb Dinner Feature | #70. Pittsburgh Restaurant Week (Summer)

At least once every Restaurant Week, we like to stretch a bit and travel outside the city limits for a meal. This time we tried Vivo in Sewickley…and it would have been worth the trip even on foot! This place did nothing but impress; come closer and take a look! Continue reading

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Willow, A Hidden North Hills Gem

Achievement: #20. Pittsburgh Restaurant Week (Winter) | #4. Suburb Dinner Feature

Looking for a final dinner spot for Restaurant Week? Consider Willow, a North Hills restaurant with great food and cocktails that is still accepting Sunday reservations. Read on to see what’s on the menu! Continue reading

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Oakland Restaurant Challenge: Mixed Service But Great Food At Lucca

Achievement: #4. Eat at 15 Oakland Restaurants | #45. Try 5 Things in the Entertainment Book

Our next Oakland restaurant was a bit of a mixed bag. We headed to Craig Street for an early dinner on a Saturday night at Lucca, a restaurant we’d heard much buzz about. Being the dedicated multi-taskers that we are, … Continue reading

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Oakland Restaurant Challenge: The Games Room At Pamela’s Diner

Achievement: #4. Eat at 15 Oakland Restaurants

Next on our Oakland restaurant list was the famous Pamela’s Diner. Pamela’s is a Pittsburgh staple, with locations in Oakland, Squirrel Hill (which is in a brand new building, and just up the hill from us), Shadyside, and the Strip … Continue reading


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The Allegheny River Along The Strip

Achievement: #17. See a River From Two New Perspectives | #4. Eat at 15 Oakland Restaurants

Back in early October, when the weather was still lovely (and by that I mean not raining, wtf December), we decided to do our second river exploration. The first time, we were on board a Just Ducky Tour, inches above … Continue reading


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Custard’s First Stand: Killer Ice Cream (And Puns!)

Achievement: #45. Try 5 Things in the Entertainment Book | #55. Ice Cream at Custard’s

This weekend, we took a trip down memory lane to the famous post-softball-game ice cream spot of my youth: Custard’s First Stand! Custard’s is a little hometown ice cream spot on Camp Horne Road, conveniently located between the softball field … Continue reading

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Oakland Restaurant Challenge: The Mythical India Garden Buffet

Achievement: #4. Eat at 15 Oakland Restaurants

For our tenth Oakland restaurant, we decided to return to our roots a bit. Our unhealthy-but-delicious-and-cheap-food roots, that is. There was a time in my life when I would get up every Saturday morning, shake off any headache leftovers from … Continue reading

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Around The World In Dining: Cuban Delights at Atlantic City’s Cuba Libre

Achievement: #4. Eat at 15 Oakland Restaurants | #42. 5 Different Ethnic Dinners

Last night, we tried out our second-to-last new ethnic food! You may recall, this year, we’ve eaten Korean food, Ethiopian food, and Spanish food (the latter of which we get to try out again this month for a Groupon!), but … Continue reading

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