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Big Macs: A Historical Journey

Achievement: #49. Big Mac Museum

Pittsburgh is not only home to the ‘Guins, Stillers, and Buccos, it’s home to one of the country’s most famous sandwiches. And Primanti’s aside, we’re home to one of the most famous burgers, too: the Big Mac! We checked out the Big Mac Museum to get the burger’s story. Continue reading

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Our 2012 Summer Olympics Wrapup

Achievement: #49. Watch the Olympics

Well, before we get *too* far away from the Olympic excitement, I should do our post about the Summer Olympics. We love big sports events like the World Cup and both seasons of Olympics. (Even when they are disappointing.) And … Continue reading

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No Comment On Buccos Opening Day

Achievement: #49. Go to Buccos Opening Day

Ahh, the home opener. A chance to build up all of your hopes and dreams, pin them onto that single first pitch, and then watch them crash down around you before the end of the first inning. Year, after year, … Continue reading

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Sunrise On The Capitol Limited

Achievement: #49. See a cool sunrise

We have really, terribly unfortunate luck with sunrises most of the time, as the days we usually pick to watch them are overcast and/or rainy. We had terrific luck once at Paradise Cove just outside of Los Angeles, but that … Continue reading

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