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A Fine Meal At Fl. 2 Pittsburgh

Achievement: #69. Monthly Restaurant Feature

Once a month this year, we’re trying out a restaurant for the first time and giving you the scoop. First up: Fl. 2 in downtown Pittsburgh! Have a look. Continue reading

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A Pleasant Detour To Hopewell Furnace

Achievement: #69. Get 2 National Parks Passport Stamps

While en route to a winter weekend in Atlantic City, we saw signs for a historical site we’d never heard of. So, we took a quick detour and ended up spending a couple hours perusing the *totally awesome* Hopewell Furnace iron plantation. Continue reading

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Our First Mixology Class

Achievement: #69. Mixology Class

Long, long, long, long time ago – – (…err, pardon me. Chili Peppers concert coming up on Wednesday. Couldn’t help myself!) Back in the day, long before we were the wine snobs you know and love us to be, we … Continue reading

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