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Brunchstravaganza At Spirit Lodge

Achievement: #77. Brunch Triple Feature

If you only have time to make it to three brunches this year…the FIRST one should be the Pure Moods Health Brunch at Spirit Lodge in Lawrenceville! Take a look at the delights on offer. Continue reading

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A Mini-Marathon At Row House Cinema

Achievement: #77. See a Movie at Row House Cinema

We don’t make it out to the movies too often these days, but when we get the chance, we do it right. Check out our appraisal of Rowhouse Cinema in Lawrenceville and the themed series we saw: Tight Pants Week! Continue reading


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Dave Matthews Band At Alpine Valley

Achievement: #77. See DMB at Least Twice

It’s no secret that we’re crazy about our Dave Matthews Band shows, and this year, we re-visited our 2010 Achievement of planning to see them at least twice. As it turned out, we got to attend 4 shows on the … Continue reading

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Merrily We Go Round At Idlewild

Achievement: #77. Idlewild! | #82. Do 5 Halloween things in October

In Pittsburgh, we are lucky enough to have three really spectacular, world-class amusement parks (yet another thing that makes us insanely cooler than Cleveland ;). The first, and biggest, is Kennywood,. The other one just steps away from downtown Pittsburgh … Continue reading

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