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A Festive Fiestaware Factory Tour

Achievement: #80. Visit the Fiestaware Factory

In yet another achievement inspired by the documentaries of Pittsburgh icon Rick Sebak, we trek west out to Newell, WV to take a factory tour at the Homer Laughlin China Company — aka, the makers of Fiestaware! Check out the rainbow-colored results! Continue reading


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Hold Me Closer, Inappropriate Dancer: A Buttermilk Falls Triple Achievement

Achievement: #64. Inappropriate Dances in 10 New Locations | #80. Check Out the Buttermilk Falls | #84. See Three Waterfalls

Last year for Christmas, in place of a more traditional present, my cousins and aunt and uncle traveled to rest stops and visitor centers all over the Pittsburgh area to collect brochures for us. Oh yes, they knew that we … Continue reading

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So Killer Joe, Shrek, And A Bunch Of Martians Walk Into A Theater…

Achievement: #80. See 3 live plays or musicals

As my husband studied dramatic writing in college, and we are donor members to the Pittsburgh Cultural Trust, it only seemed logical for us to try to attend some local theater performances throughout the year. We managed to make it … Continue reading

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Halloween-ing: War Of The Worlds As It Was Meant To Be Heard

Achievement: #80. See 3 live plays or musicals | #82. Do 5 Halloween things in October

Our third Halloween event of October was attending Bricolage’s Midnight Radio presentation of War of the Worlds. This was always an event that fascinated me in our history: on October 30, 1938, Orson Welles and his radio group Mercury Theater … Continue reading

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