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In Which The Dixon Brothers Hit The Dirty Ball

Achievement: #62. Dirty Ball

As we continue our epic month of new adventures, we take a trip down memory lane to an achievement from the spring: Dirty Ball 2013! It took us awhile to do our write-up, but look on the bright side — you won’t have to wait so long to get your tickets to 2014! Check out the debauchery. Continue reading

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Going H.A.M. At The Dirty Ball

Achievement: #63. Dirty Ball

If you’ve been, you know, and if you haven’t, you should. Oh yes, ladies and gentlemen, it is now officially time to GET DIRTY. That’s right: the annual fabulous Dirty Ball was last weekend, and we (of course) were there. … Continue reading

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We Seen It In The City Paper: The Dirty Ball With Attack Theater

Achievement: #25. Do 3 Things We Find Advertised in the CityPaper | #64. Inappropriate Dances in 10 New Locations

Somehow, it took us until 2011 to realize this fascinating truth: the Dirty Ball is the most outrageously fun night of the year. Who knew? Well, I certainly didn’t, because I’ve apparently been living under a rock since 2006 when … Continue reading

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