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A Northward Trip to Rachel’s Roadhouse

Achievement: #1. Rachel's/Iron Bridge/Log Cabin

Remembering fun childhood trips to one of its sister restaurants, Fox took Michael on a trip up north to visit a little spot called Rachel’s Roadhouse. Feast your eyes…and then go to Rachel’s and feast your belly! Continue reading

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In Which We Tour The Locations Featured In “Sideways”

Achievement: #32. California Sideways Tour

Are you a wine loving movie nerd like Fox and I? Then perhaps you’d like to take a trip like ours, in which we tried the wines at every tasting room featured in the movie Sideways! Continue reading


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Dinos In The Dark: A (21+) Night At the Carnegie Museum

Achievement: #20. Wildcard #1 - 21+ Night At Carnegie Museum

Sometimes, exciting events come up that you didn’t know about at the start of the year. That’s why we added Wildcards to our achievement list. This first wildcard involves a trip to a 21+ event at the Carnegie Museum. Booze, bites, and (dino) bones — what could be better? Continue reading

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Showdown on Route 22: Dick’s v. Dean’s

Achievement: #7. Dick's v Dean's Diner-Off

On Route 22, you will find two diners about 25 minutes apart. Both looked promising, but who would emerge the victor between them? Come see our side-by-side comparison of two lovely greasy spoons: Dick’s and Dean’s! Continue reading

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The Baller Meatball Ball-Off: Franktuary

Achievement: #22. Meatball Ball-Off

We begin our hunt for the ideal set of meatballs in an unexpected place: Franktuary, a spot better known for their wieners than their balls. How’d they hang? Turn your head and have a look! Continue reading

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After Hours At The Carnegie Library

Achievement: #10. After Hours at the Library

We attended the last After Hours event at the Carnegie Library back in March. But the next installment of the event is a mere week away, so read, preview, and then get your tickets! Continue reading

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Lawrenceville Eats: A Bangin’ Burger Night At Tender Bar + Kitchen

Achievement: #61. Ten Lawrenceville Restaurants

As you know from our Banker’s List challenge, Tender Bar + Kitchen has some killer cocktails. But they’ve also got some delicious food on the menu. Case in point: their totally awesome Burger Night, held every Monday. Take a look here, set aside your next Monday night, and wait in eager anticipation. Continue reading


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A Fantastic California Voyage…To Pea Soup Andersen’s

Achievement: #29. Pea Soup Andersen’s

In which we take a years-delayed trip to the home of split-pea soup, Pea Soup Andersen’s! Continue reading


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Grab A Seat, Pierre, It’s French Cheese Time!

Achievement: #50. Cheese of the Month Club

Our Cheese of the Month feature returns with a variety of delicious French cheeses, all available from PennMac. Feel free to copy our pairings, or grab some cheese and try to create a few of your own! Continue reading


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Willow, A Hidden North Hills Gem

Achievement: #20. Pittsburgh Restaurant Week (Winter) | #4. Suburb Dinner Feature

Looking for a final dinner spot for Restaurant Week? Consider Willow, a North Hills restaurant with great food and cocktails that is still accepting Sunday reservations. Read on to see what’s on the menu! Continue reading

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