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A Stroll Through The Pittsburgh Botanic Garden

Achievement: #86. Visit the Pittsburgh Botanic Garden

Feel like taking a stroll to enjoy some fall foliage? We suggest heading a little bit out of the city to the Pittsburgh Botanic Garden! It’s lovely, cheap, and for a little while longer, still warm enough. Continue reading


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A Walk Down Harmony Road

Achievement: #71. Walk Down Harmony Road

Follow us as we take a short hike down an abandoned road which is slowly being reclaimed by nature, one sprout of greenery at a time. Continue reading


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The Magical Views At Ragged Point

Achievement: #9. Big Sur

One of the most magical places on earth is Ragged Point in Big Sur. We were fortunate enough to visit it and enjoy the breathtaking scenery. Continue reading

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Scaling Bishop Peak

Achievement: #39. Hike a Volcanic Plug

Take a trip with us back to the spring, when we hiked to the top of Bishop Peak, a 1500 foot tall volcanic plug in the Central Coast! Continue reading

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Seeing Swallow Falls State Park In Deep Creek

Achievement: #64. Deep Creek

While I think I’ll always be a winter gal at heart, some years, fall just sneaks right up the season chart and threatens to steal the top spot. Depsite the early-feeling autumn, this is one of those years. And so we decided, what better time to FINALLY cross off our Achievement to visit Swallow Falls State Park (which has only been on the list since 2010 haha). Continue reading

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An Urban Hike Through Marshall-Shadeland

Achievement: #5. Urban Hike

Pittsburgh itself is quite a walkable city, but we also have a ton of suburbs and residential city areas that are also quite explorable. And in the ‘Burgh, we’ve got a great group that is trying to bring the lesser-known areas of town to everyone: Urban Hike. Continue reading

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Highs And Lows At Cook Forest

Achievement: #79. Weekend at Cook’s Forest

Well, I’d be lying, if I said we had a really successful, wonderful weekend in Cook Forest that made us get in touch with nature and relive our shadowy past as Druids who lived in the woods and cared for … Continue reading

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Humid Hiking At McConnells Mill

Achievement: #84. See Three Waterfalls | #99. Hike at McConnells Mill in Springtime

Have you ever found yourself thinking, “Jeez, it’s insanely hot and gross out today, the only thing I really want to do is go hiking in the middle of the woods near a body of water that by logical reasoning … Continue reading

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