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Friday Statudanceatopia: Nature Dancing

Achievement: #5. Inappropriate Dancing

We clear a bit more of the backlog with a slightly overdue inappropriate dancing post. To make up for it, we did *way* more inappropriate dancing than usual! Continue reading

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Our California Holiday: Jaunting Around Joshua Tree

Achievement: #88. Joshua Tree

It has been a dream of Fox’s to visit Joshua Tree for years, so this year, we decided to take a 5-hour detour out of San Luis Obispo, down past Los Angeles, and east to the park. It was definitely worth it — we only wish we’d allotted more time to the trip! Continue reading


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A Pleasant Detour To Hopewell Furnace

Achievement: #69. Get 2 National Parks Passport Stamps

While en route to a winter weekend in Atlantic City, we saw signs for a historical site we’d never heard of. So, we took a quick detour and ended up spending a couple hours perusing the *totally awesome* Hopewell Furnace iron plantation. Continue reading

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The Many Seals Of Piedras Blancas

Achievement: #2. Visit 2 National Monuments | #41. Piedras Blancas

Sometimes, our achievements don’t go as planned. (Okay, a *lot* of times.) This is the story of our trip-that-never-was to Piedras Blancas, and the rookery of adorable, floppy-finned mammals that came to our day’s rescue. Continue reading

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