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The Gateway Clipper Locks & Dams Cruise

Achievement: #15. Locks & Dams Tour

Take a ride with us on a unique Pittsburgh river tour: the Gateway Clipper Locks & Dams Cruise! On this little jaunt we enjoyed dinner, drinks, dancing, and dams (as well as locks, but you know…alliteration and all). Continue reading

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The Allegheny River Along The Strip

Achievement: #17. See a River From Two New Perspectives | #4. Eat at 15 Oakland Restaurants

Back in early October, when the weather was still lovely (and by that I mean not raining, wtf December), we decided to do our second river exploration. The first time, we were on board a Just Ducky Tour, inches above … Continue reading


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A Water’s Eye View Of The Ohio River

Achievement: #17. See a River From Two New Perspectives | #7. Just Ducky Tour

Last year, we had the fabulous experience of biking the Eliza Furnace Trail, a bike-friendly path that goes along the Monongahela River and into downtown. On that trip, we got to see the river from some angles that we’d never … Continue reading

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Just Ducky Tour: Just Take One, Already!

Achievement: #7. Just Ducky Tour

If you’ve ever been in downtown Pittsburgh during the day, you’ve probably seen the duckboats. They’re only boats part of the time, when they’re actually on the river. The rest of the time, they’re duck-shaped vehicles navigating the streets of … Continue reading


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