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Riding The GAP: Pittsburgh To Connellsville

Achievement: #75. Great Allegheny Passage Bike Trail

Come and follow us as we embark on our wildest achievement yet: a six-day, 334-mile bike ride from Pittsburgh to Washington, DC. Will we make it? Will DC even be open when we arrive? Only time will tell. For now, enjoy Leg One of our trek! Continue reading


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Seeing Swallow Falls State Park In Deep Creek

Achievement: #64. Deep Creek

While I think I’ll always be a winter gal at heart, some years, fall just sneaks right up the season chart and threatens to steal the top spot. Depsite the early-feeling autumn, this is one of those years. And so we decided, what better time to FINALLY cross off our Achievement to visit Swallow Falls State Park (which has only been on the list since 2010 haha). Continue reading

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In Which We Photobomb Nature

Achievement: #10. Popping into the Frame Series

While we are the sort of couple who enjoys a nice, classy dinner with a fancy bottle of wine, we are also the sort of couple who, from time to time, rewatches old skits from Saturday Night Live and then reenacts them as if they really happened to us. I mean, mostly the thing about the nice bottles of wine, but… sometimes, we just can’t help it. Digital Shorts happen. Continue reading

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A Magical Ride On Amtrak’s Coast Starlight Train

Achievement: #76. Take the Coast Starlight

In this blast from the past, we share our experience riding the Coast Starlight train down from Seattle to the Central Coast of California. Short version: do it! Do it now! Continue reading

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Dave Matthews Band At Alpine Valley

Achievement: #77. See DMB at Least Twice

It’s no secret that we’re crazy about our Dave Matthews Band shows, and this year, we re-visited our 2010 Achievement of planning to see them at least twice. As it turned out, we got to attend 4 shows on the … Continue reading

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Sturm And Drang At The 2012 Zinfest

Achievement: #3. Zinfest

So, as you may know from Twitter posts, we went to California back in March for our yearly wine country vacation. We may have hated most things about Los Angeles, but one thing we LOVED was being only a short … Continue reading

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A Touristy Day In Seattle

Achievement: #95. Seattle for a Day

And now, it’s time for Part Two of our exciting Seattle adventure! Prior to our trip, I bought one of those Eyewitness Travel Guides for the entire Pacific Northwest (I’m a total nerd about travel guides, and this series in … Continue reading

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Scrumptious Bites During Our Day In Seattle

Achievement: #45. Try 10 House Specialty Drinks | #95. Seattle for a Day

We’re back!! Despite the fact that I would have loved to stay in Central Coast (and the fact that we almost forgot to buy plane tickets for the flight home, on top of it), we have arrived back in Pittsburgh, … Continue reading


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We Rock Out For 3 Nights With Dave Matthews At Bader Field

Achievement: #63. Participate in 3 DMB-Inspired Things

When we crafted this list back in December of 2010, we were very much under the impression that there would be a full year without Dave Matthews Band. For me, that’s only happened twice since the year 2000, where I … Continue reading


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Highs And Lows At Cook Forest

Achievement: #79. Weekend at Cook’s Forest

Well, I’d be lying, if I said we had a really successful, wonderful weekend in Cook Forest that made us get in touch with nature and relive our shadowy past as Druids who lived in the woods and cared for … Continue reading

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