Proper Cocktail Hump Day: The Major Tom Collins

Achievement: #67. Craft Cocktail Lab

Every other Wednesday in 2017, we’ll be chronicling the preparation (and perhaps imbibing) of a new craft cocktail at our home bar. First up: a David Bowie-inspired mashup of two classics! Continue reading


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Jelly Of The Month Club: Soergel’s B.E.A.R. Jam

Achievement: #12. Jelly of the Month Club

One of our earliest food challenges returns in the January edition of Jelly of the Month Club! This month, we’re reviewing Soergel’s Orchards B.E.A.R. Jam. Check back the first Friday of every month for more reviews! Continue reading

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Pressing Reset At First Night 2017

Achievement: #15. First Night

On December 31st, we bid adieu to the trash fire that was 2016, and welcomed 2017 with eager arms at First Night in downtown Pittsburgh. Between the drinks, the dance parties, the laser bridges, and the fireworks show, it was a pretty auspicious start! Come have a look. Continue reading


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We Shall Return!

Achievement: None Tagged.

Long story short, we’ve decided that 2016 is for the birds. Following losses and setbacks both personal and technical, we’ve fallen so far behind that we’ve decided it best to start fresh on January 1st. See you in 2017! Continue reading

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Wines From Around The World On The Gateway Clipper

Achievement: #29. Gateway Clipper Wine Cruise

From June to October, the Gateway Clipper Fleet hosts a monthly themed wine tasting dinner as it cruises Pittsburgh’s three rivers. We attended June’s dinner, Wines From Around the World. The meal was great and we had a blast learning about wines from South Africa, Portugal, and Greece; give this event a try! Continue reading

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Wilmerding Days Redux

Achievement: #34. Wilmerding Days Re-Do

Last year’s attempt at attending Wilmerding Days ended in a monsoon-style rainout, but we fared better this year. Take a look at what the event has to offer and then pencil it in for 2017! Continue reading

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Where We’ve Been

Achievement: None Tagged.

Six weeks ago, we had to make the very difficult decision to put our beloved pup, Lucy, to sleep. For a time after, we were unsure if we’d even continue this blog. Here is our first effort at coming back. Continue reading


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Our California Holiday: In Summary

Achievement: #39. Ontario Ridge Trail | #40. Tour the SLO County Food Scene | #88. Joshua Tree | #90. Lompoc Wine Ghetto | #91. Gaviota Wind Caves | #92. Hike Bishop Peak Again

We took a 10-day trip out to California and banged out a number of achievements. Take a look! Continue reading

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Our California Holiday: Jaunting Around Joshua Tree

Achievement: #88. Joshua Tree

It has been a dream of Fox’s to visit Joshua Tree for years, so this year, we decided to take a 5-hour detour out of San Luis Obispo, down past Los Angeles, and east to the park. It was definitely worth it — we only wish we’d allotted more time to the trip! Continue reading


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Our California Holiday: The Heights Of Bishop Peak

Achievement: #92. Hike Bishop Peak Again

In previous years, we’ve done a bunch of cool things out in California that we then failed to blog about. Hiking Bishop Peak was one of these, so this year, we revisited the towering hike, made sure to get lots of good shots, and actually wrote about the damn thing. Enjoy! Continue reading

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